For those of you who are currently visiting Autism Gifts UK with the view of buying a gift will have noticed that our online store is currently almost empty. Not a great place for an online retailer you might think. However, after discussion and support from Specialist Autism Services, we have decided to remodel how Autism Gifts UK operates. We are very excited that we are working towards a relaunch early in 2019, where we will be selling products produced by members of Specialist Autism Services.

We are currently working with 10 members who have developed a range of products which we will be selling on the website. More will be revealed over the coming weeks, as well as there being an opportunity to find out about some of the members who are involved.

As part of this we are working with two groups of Specialist Autism Services to help them develop enterprise skills needed to make their products a success. Running once a week for five weeks, Wil Quick who is facilitating the course explained how members of SAS have lots of creative ideas, but are lacking the knowledge of how to transform these into a product which might bring in some income for them. “I am hoping that the people we are working with will develop the confidence to successfully produce and market some really good quality products. I am really excited to be working with such a creative group of individuals, who will be bringing some fantastic products to the website.”

Wil Quick, facilitator of enterprise skills course.

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