Valentine’s day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation (although it would be nice if that spirit was kept alive throughout the year!). Some have it easy – a bouquet of flowers or chocolates will suffice – but there is a special breed of partner that takes a little more thought. What do you get for somebody that isn’t in to all of the hearts and other mushy stuff, otherwise known as the unromantic?

What gifts can you buy for an ‘unromantic’?

They may be from Venus or even from Mars but you’ll not get a clue by reading their stars!

Profiling the unromantic

Usually first and foremost the “unromantic” does not like a lot of fuss.. or hearts.. or the colours red and pink. Being unromantic does not mean they are cold or emotionless, and it does not make them selfish – it just means you will have to work harder to find that little something to put a smile on their face. The unromantic would probably appreciate a gift that they can use every day, rather than a big pink fluffy teddy that the dog keeps trying (eventually succeeding) to eat.

After a scout round our range we have found a myriad of great practical gifts that have a practical purpose for different personality types (and remember you will be supporting a worthy cause through your purchase).

Some categories of the unromantic and a little bit of inspiration

The Outdoorsy Unromantic

Take the Camoware vacuum flask and Camoware enamel mug, perfect for taking on adventures or even to work. Maybe you are trying to socially upgrade them and would like to give a traditional hip flask to help them act a little more gentlemanly? Yeah right..

The Socialite Unromantic

We all know someone who thinks highly of themselves. Give them good reason by buying them a Laird or Lady Title – Can you imagine?

The Millennial Unromantic

Try the simple Malo stress killer – they can self-manage their feelings without even moving away from the computer. This satisfying little gadget has a magnetic base with 200 differently sized steel balls to arrange – how could you ever tire of such a thing?

The Football Crazy Unromantic

They may say they are not soppy or romantic but once they get their hands on a personalised book about their favourite team you may well witness a tear in their eye. Their very own name embossed in gold on the front will put you to the top of the league instantly.

The Crazy Cat Lover Unromantic

Ever get the feeling that they love the cat more than you? For this person we suggest getting their pet’s paw prints on canvas so you can share the love. You could also bring their morning coffee in a cute Cat Mug.

The Sport, Sport, Sport Unromantic

Similar to the “football crazy unromantic”, the generic sport unromantic may be softened by receiving a great collectable leather bound book embossed and personalised with a name of your choice.

The Married Too Long to Bother Unromantic

Same restaurant every birthday? The usual routine every anniverary? Sounds like it is time to mix it up and introduce a little humour; try The Haynes Explains Marriage or the new series of Ladybird Books for adults – one for the wife and one for the husband. Hilarious and personalised with your names throughout.

The Fizzy Drinker Unromantic

Don’t ‘wine’ about what to get them and go straight to this link and order them their very own top quality prosecco with their name and your personal message on the label. A gift pack with hand-made chocolates is also available. That was easy, wasn’t it?

The Gardening Unromantic

Inspire them to grow something for both of you to enjoy – look at our range of “Grow It” packages. Excellent value for money with a great variety. Choose from Pot-Pourri, Super Salad, Funky Veg, Cocktail Garden, Beer, Herbs and many more.

We hope this serves as a little inspiration!

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