Autism Employment

For the most part, people with autism are an untapped well of potential for employers and recruiters. We say this because looking at the facts and statistics; there is clearly an unjustifiably large proportion of really skilled and talented individuals not currently in employment.

46% of working aged disabled people are currently in employment and this amount is growing every year. Unfortunately this percentage looks huge when you consider that only 15% of working aged people on the autism spectrum are employed at the moment. This is coupled with the fact that 35% of people with autism aged 19-23 have never had a job. Presently 10% of individuals with autism receive employment support in the UK even though 53% say they want it.

If you think that with around 433,000 adults with autism in the UK, that’s a lot of potential going to waste! Fortunately, we don’t consider any of the above statistics as being inevitable.

79% of people with autism that are on out of work benefits say they want to work. All of these people have the drive and commitment to seek and maintain a job so all that is needed is employers to recognise their often unique skills and abilities. Individuals with autism may be excellent problem solvers, have fantastic concentration skills and be reliable, punctual, loyal and honest. People with autism may also have a brilliant attention to detail, be very creative (thinking “outside of the box”), have good analytical skills and have a fantastic factual knowledge and good memory.

What good employer wouldn’t want an employee with all of these skills? We certainly do, one of our key responsibilities is to provide adults with autism employment opportunities. You can learn more about us by clicking here.

This information is also detailed in our autism employment infographic. You can see this by clicking here.