About Autism Gifts UK

We are a non-profit, social enterprise organisation supported by Specialist Autism Services. We started in September 2016 in response to a lack of meaningful opportunities for adults with autism to gain employment experience and permanent job roles. In 2018 we changed our focus to selling products which had either been made or designed by our members, giving them the opportunity to sell to the public. We started selling in January 2019.  By selling products made and designed by our members we hope to continue to grow so that we can offer unusual and unique gifts to our customers and the best provision for the individuals that we support. Our overall focus is on continuing to provide the best experience and service we can to our customers.

Key points

  • Any many made will be shared between the producer and Autism Gifts UK to cover expenses, and providing support for adults with autism. This is in both the development of Autism Gifts UK and through Specialist Autism Services, where we provide lots of types of direct support across Yorkshire
  • As we grow we will provide more and more work experience opportunities for adults with autism in different roles across Autism Gifts UK
  • We are working with adults with autism to develop enterprise skills.

This means:

  • Each time you shop with us you are directly supporting meaningful employment opportunities for adults with autism
  • Every purchase helps us to continue to provide much needed support for adults with autism across Yorkshire

What specifically do we use the money for?

As said above we will use 100% of our profits to improve the lives of adults with autism across Yorkshire. We will invest this money where is it needed most, in one of the following areas:

  • We may reinvest profits in the growth of Autism Gifts UK, allowing us to develop the social enterprise. By doing this we can provide more and more supported work experience opportunities for individuals with autism and support the self-employment of others
  • We may use some of our profits to fund the support of adults with autism. This will be done within either our existing support provision or through new projects. Specialist Autism Services currently provides a daily social skills learning programme (in group workshop format), a social skills evening programme, community outreach support, autism-specific counselling, employment support and through Autism First, personalised support for individuals with autism and more complex needs

What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is a not for profit organisation that benefits society. They make money from selling goods and services but they reinvest their profits back into the business or local community – so when they profit, society profits.